Track 1 - live recording, La Fenice string trio
Track 2 & 3 - from the CD The Strains of violin in India
Track 4 - from the CD Kairòs, Kairòs Quartet
Track 5 - from the CD Serengeti
Track 1 - First performance at the Jaipur Literature Festival (Rajasthan – India), 24 January 2010 (live recording)
Track 2 - First performance in Chennai (Tamil Nadu – India), 21 November 2008
Track 3 - First performance at the Mumbai NCPA (Maharashtra – India), 24 November 2009 (live recording)
Track 4 - Live recording in Padova (Italy) with and by cellist Luigi Parise, September 2010

Moving East
Sara Michieletto
Original compositions by Sara Michieletto
2012 (recorded 2011)

Available on iTunes

The Strains of Violin in India
Sara Michieletto
Venetian music for solo violin
Italian Embassy in Delhi

La Fenice Trio
Contemporary jazz compositions by Oscar Del Barba
Velut Luna, 1998

Kairòs Quartet
Pieces by contemporary Venetian composers
Velut Luna, 1996
Strains of Violin in India project
After one year of music together, the children of the slum Gandhi Nagar (Tamil Nadu, India) and the violinist Sara Michieletto, recorded a CD with selected songs and dances which they have learnt together. These are mostly tunes from traditional children rhymes and short dances re-arranged from Venetian melodies. The CD has been produced thanks to the support of the Speed Trust NGO and the guitar player Renaud David.

Support Speed Trust children
All incomes will be donated to charity.

In addition to the La Fenice Theatre Orchestra, I have played with prestigious orchestras such as the London Philarmonic Orchestra, the BBC Manchester Orchestra, the Orchestra da Camera Italiana and the Human Rights Orchestra.
In my repertories of Western classical music, I have collaborated with some of the most famous musicians of our time: Chung, Muti, Tate, Maazel, Masur, Sinopoli, Pretre, Temirkanov, Gardiner, Inbal, Kitajenko, Maag, Accardo and Ughi.

I was a founder member of several chamber music groups: from the Kairòs String Quartet to the La Fenice String Trio and with them I collaborated with the soloists Markus Stokhausen, Rossana Calvi and Giampaolo Pretto.

As I enjoy experimenting with all forms of music, I have played with musicians from various different traditions:
- In Mozambique with the Afro-jazz groups Bandakwezi and Mcelitos;
- In Palestine with the composer and 'Ud player Wassim Qassis (Sabreen group) in Bethlehem; with the Ashtar theatre company in Ramallah and with the Magnificat Music Institute choir in Jerusalem;
- In Brazil with the music and theatre group CTO-Rio in Rio de Janeiro;
- In India I frequently gave concerts with local artists who follow the Gurbani Kirtan, Sufi, Rajasthani or Hindustani traditions (see below).
- In Indonesia with the pianist Ary Sutedja, the Marusya Nainggolan chamber orchestra, I Ketut Budiasa (balinese flute and percussion), Kiki Dunung (Javanese percussion) and Renè van Helsdingen (jazz pianist)
- In Algeria with the percussionist Sophiane Fremdi

Collaborations with Indian musicians
In the course of the 'The Strains of Violin in India' project (2008-2010), I collaborated with:

Vijaydutt Vias; tabla player.

Madan Gopal Singh, Sufi singer.

Bhai Baldeep Singh, the foremost representative of the Sikh Gurbani Kirtan spiritual tradition. At the Delhi Planetarium concert, he sang and played the Taus (a traditional instrument that he is saving from oblivion by building his own and playing it) and the tabla. At the Chandigarh concert, he played the Jori, a traditional Sikh percussion instrument.

Chuggeekhan, who played the kartal and morchang, traditional Rajasthani percussion instruments.

Sharat Chandra Srivastava, violinist.

Natullal Sollenki, who played the traditional drum from Rajasthan called the nagara.

NOW Orchestra, nomadic musicians from Rajasthan:

- Suraj Bhopa, who plays the Ravanhatha (an ancient violin-like instrument) and heals animals with his music.
- Jagdeesh Nath and Radegliy Nath, on the Been (a traditional wind instrument) from the snake-charmers' community.
- Ramji Lal Kalbeliya, Dhol (a large percussion instrument).
- Rakesh Bhopa and Prakash Nath & Jagpal Nath; on the Bapang (a small traditional percussion instrument).